Saturday 27 Jun, 2020

Starting at 9:30 am Eastern Time

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The story behind MeasureCamp Cincinnati

As the lead developer for a large US retailer I found myself researching technology solutions that could harness the power of new and emerging technologies such as stream processing and machine learning and apply them for web analytics. As you might imagine, putting together world class analytics solutions needs you to reach out to people in the discipline. Often they do not happen to be in the same office or even company. Thankfully the world is a much smaller place today and we form a community thats tightly knitted together through the information highway. Through this effort of reaching outside my limited world, I discovered this gentleman- Mark Edmonson  all the way from Denmark and his inspiring talk at MeasureCamp London.
In reaching out locally to other experts in this space –, 84.51 , I immediately saw a need for people in this space to come together and share ideas outside our normal work agendas. There is value in fostering community around these new technologies to support innovation and produce better work as a result of our community.
These goals started me on my journey to find other likeminded folk within my own company as it became increasingly clear that we could host our own MeasureCamp right here in Cincinnati, OH. Incidentally, this would be the first time MeasureCamp appeared on this side of the Atlantic.
Yes there are other conferences that operate in the digital analytics space, but they are often driven by either vendor or big company agendas. What sets MeasureCamp apart is a focus on grass-roots independent voice of practitioners sharing ideas, tools and techniques on an individual basis. You can learn more about this unique un-conference from here.
We need your help. If you are a practitioner seeking to learn and share your experiences, please make time to attend and even give a talk. You could volunteer to help organize this un-conference. Finally, if you are an analytics technology or talent vendor or an enterprise that consumes or produces analytics d we need your sponsorship. Community events such as this will be a rich pool of ideas and resources to accomplish your mission. Please reach out to and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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