Saturday 27 Jun, 2020

Starting at 9:30 am Eastern Time

Online Event

Virtual Unconference at


What is MeasureCamp?

First held in London in 2012, MeasureCamp is an “unconference” for the digital analytics industry . In 2016 the conference was held in 11 cities around the world. With growing popularity and unbeatable price (free) the tickets to the conference disappear quickly, often in minutes from offering time. We are excited to bring MeasureCamp to the West Coast and share the great experience and invaluable content that can be achieved with the power of the community. Held on a Saturday, it has a relaxed fun vibe and is free to attend. The event is all about learning, exchanging ideas, networking and solving problems with your fellow digital analytics practitioners. You can learn more about MeasureCamp on the main site. We also encourage you to watch the “This is MeasureCamp” video produced by MeasureCamp London – it is a great introduction into the immersive experience!

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What is “unconference”?

As a concept, unconferences are designed to encourage discussions and the exchange of ideas as an antidote to the passive traditional large theatre-style conferences. MeasureCamp is about collaboration with its small discussion group format and schedule defined, created and curated by attendees. As such, MeasureCamp provides participants with the ultimate opportunity to learn, develop and network with peers, consultants and vendors. You might think the format does not work, but ask the hundreds of attendees who have experienced this format and you will find that this format is the crown jewel of information sharing. We encourage you to come and experience the revolution with us!

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Who Attends?

Attended by the best in the analyics industry from senior level client and agency side to those just starting out, the event can be an invaluable part of your continuing learning. Whether on the first run of the career ladder or nearer the top,MeasureCamp is inclusive. It is open forum in which you have the chance to share best practices, learn about something new or discuss key issues facing the analytics industry. Widely regarded as the best analytics conference, with the best content, tickets are snapped up in seconds on release and people travel from all over the world to attend.

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What does Remo Room Layout look like?

  1. Hamburger Menu
  2. Room title
  3. Stage AD
  4. Corner Tables (Used as help desk in Main Lobby, 1st floor)
  5. Profile button
  6. Room Floor
  7. Main room Button
  8. MeasureCamp session board link
  9. Room links
  10. Remo Help button
  11. Camera, Mic, Chat box, & Screen Share
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What is the difference between a Table and a Room in Remo for MeasureCamp?

  • Table is accessible once you have joined the room and only allows up to 6 participants to get together and converse.
  • Room is the actual event room a participant needs to log into to access sessions and ones you log into a room you will see
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How do I join a session?

Any of the Room icons on the bottom bar or by clicking on “Enter Room” button on the MeasureCamp Session Board.

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How do I host a session?

Fill up the google form available here. Entries will be accepted on a first come first serve basis.

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Where can I see all the sessions for the day?

We have an online session schedule available here or under “MeasureCamp Session Board” icon on the bottom bar of MeasureCamp Main Lobby in Remo.

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Do I need to share my video while presenting?

It is recommended but not necessary.

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Is this event for Cincinnatians only?

No. Even though the event is hosted by the Cincinnati MeasureCamp team with topics and focus mainly being on Cincinnati, anyone can attend the event and present.

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Are the sessions being recorded?

We do have the capacity to record sessions, but we do not intend to record the entire session. For marketing purposes, we will take snippets of the recordings. Remo does not have a feature yet to record “Table” conversations.

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I have a Mac, and I am unable to see the Room Icons, how should I proceed?

Mac doesn’t allow zooming so use session board to navigate instead.

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Can I use Remo on my phone?

While we do not recommend it, here is a link that tells you what mobile devices and mobile browsers are supported on Remo Conference.

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Is there any technical support available during the conference?

Yes, we have moderators that have been designated to assist anyone with any technical issues. Moderators will have stars on their icon and ‘Guide’ before their names.
The four corner help desk tables on the first floor of MeasureCamp Cincinnati Main Lobby

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How do I raise my hand to ask a question?

Once you are in a room presentation, you will see a hand icon next to your name. Click on the hand icon.

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How people are arranged when they enter an event?

Depending on the number of estimated attendees that is set in the event backend by the event host, attendees will be arranged randomly and evenly throughout the Remo floors when they first enter the event. Once they are in the Remo room, they will be allowed to move freely and jump from table to table.

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