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Big Data and Analytics

Big data is transforming the way businesses operate. Churning big data with analytic tools promotes innovation, flexibility, better ROI and increased customer insights, helping businesses gain an edge over their competitors. Some of the largest companies in the world today, such as Amazon, Yahoo! and Google, owe their winning strategies to big data.

Through big data consulting, CBTS enables organizations to conceptualize and drive a sophisticated big data program across multiple domains and focus areas. Our big data services help companies achieve the objectives of revenue maximization and increased operational efficiency.

CBTS can accelerate your success at every point on the big data continuum. Whether you are just getting started with Hadoop, knee deep in developing your big data architecture, or are looking to tackle advanced topics, CBTS provides expertise, innovation and thought leadership around data and analytics.

CBTS Big Data Services:
Proof of concept, strategy road map, tech evaluation and recommendations
Data and infrastructure consulting, architecture, capacity planning, and performance tuning
About CBTS:
CBTS provides end-to-end IT and communications solutions that allow mid-sized and enterprise businesses to improve operational efficiency, enable innovation, mitigate risk and reduce expenditures. From building enablement infrastructure, to deploying cloud services, to employing managed services, to offering top-notch technology consultants, CBTS is your technology partner to gain a competitive edge and deliver quality services. Please click the following links to learn more about CBTS’ technology portfolio including our capabilities in emerging technologies.
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